Combo Plan

  • Basic ( 1 h 30 min )Rs. 900 

    Fruit Facial VLCC, Full Hands Normal Waxing, Full Legs Normal Waxing, Underarms

  • Clean & Clear ( 2 h )Rs. 1200 

    Full Hands Normal Waxing & Full Legs Normal waxing, Manicure VLCC, Pedicure VLCC, Back Massage

  • Fresh ( 2 h 10 min )Rs. 1600 

    Antitan VLCC, Full Hands Normal Waxing, Full Legs Normal waxing, Manicure VLCC, Pedicure VLCC

  • Glow ( 2 h )Rs. 1100 

    FacialFruit VLCC, Face Bleach Oxy life, Full Hands Normal Waxing, Full Legs Normal waxing, Underarms, Threading

  • Gorgeous ( 2 h 10 min )Rs. 3200 

    O3 Facial, Full arms Rica Waxing, Full Legs Rica Waxing, Underarms, Manicure Aroma, Pedicure Aroma

  • Magic ( 1 h 30 min )Rs. 1500 

    Instaglow Facial, Full Hands Normal Waxing & Full Legs Normal waxing, Underarms, Manicure VLCC, Pedicure VLCC

  • Shine ( 2 h 10 min )Rs. 1800 

    Lotus Gold Facial, Full arms Rica Waxing, Full Legs Rica Waxing, Underarms, Threading + Upperlip

  • Sparkle ( 2 h 10 min )Rs. 2300 

    Shahnaz Facial Gold, Face Bleach, Full Hands Rica Waxing, Full Legs Rica waxing, Underarms, Threading

  • Summer Special ( 2 h )Rs. 1200 

    Skin Whitening Facial,Normal Waxing Full Hands,Legs,Underarms

  • Tip to Toe ( 2 h )Rs. 1300 

    Fruit Facial Vlcc, Full Hands Normal Waxing, Full Legs Normal Waxing, Underarms, Manicure VLCC, Pedicure VLCC

Minimum order should be of Rs. 600/-

Glowup offers customized beauty packages that are thoughtfully selected to give you head-to-toe pampering at attractive prices, that too at the comforts of your own home. Depending on your budget, you can choose a package that includes a facial, waxing, pedicure and manicure. You also save on our comprehensive beauty packages instead of availing the same separately. Find the perfect one for you and book an appointment with us today.

About us

Glowupindia is a professionally managed service provider of beauty and wellness services, direct to the home of customers. The service is available on web and app. Salon & spa services like waxing, chocolate waxing, facial, cleanup, bleach, manicure, pedicure, deep tissue massage, hair styling, hair spa treatment, hair smoothening, hair rebounding, hair color, all kinds of makeup & makeover are delivered with ease and elan through the extensive network of professional beauticians. Premium products like Loreal, Cheryls, Mac , experienced & skilled hands and professional approach is the hall mark of GlowupIndia
We currently operate all cross the beautiful city of Mumbai
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